The E-SeaRider Marine Bean Bag Company

E-SeaRider has been crafting the most durable and comfortable marine bean bags for over 20 years. Designed to withstand harsh marine environments while providing unparalleled comfort, E-SeaRider's bean bags for boats are the perfect addition to any vessel, whether you're a sports fisherman, casual day cruiser, or anything in between.


E-SeaRider The Original Marine Bean Bag™

E-SeaRider is the original marine bean bag company, crafting high-quality bean bags for boats since 2002. As a family-owned and operated business based in Florida, E-SeaRider is committed to producing the best marine bean bags on the market. Each bean bag is made with waterproof marine-grade vinyl that is twice as thick as competitors' products and double-lock stitched for maximum durability. E-SeaRider offers a wide range of styles to suit every boater's needs, from the supportive Teardrop to the luxurious Armchair. With customizable options like color choices and logo personalization, E-SeaRider ensures that you can find the perfect marine bean bag to match your boat's style.


Pat Bennett's Original Design

In 2002, Pat Bennett ignited a revolutionary trend within the boating and fishing communities with his innovative marine bean bag design. Initially created to enhance the experience of fishermen, E-SeaRider's first product offered unmatched comfort and functionality. This groundbreaking invention not only established E-SeaRider as a prominent name among avid boaters, spearfishermen, and commercial divers but also set a new standard for relaxation in aquatic sports activities.

Why Choose E-SeaRider

E-SeaRider's marine bean bags are built to last, with features like:
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant materials that withstand harsh marine environments
  • Twice as thick vinyl compared to competitors for superior durability
  • Double-lock stitching to handle rough seas and provide long-lasting comfort
  • Premium filler that is the secret to E-SeaRider's extreme comfort

E-SeaRider bean bags are also highly versatile, perfect for activities ranging from offshore fishing to sunbathing. With a variety of styles like the supportive Teardrop, comfortable Wedge, and luxurious Armchair, there's an E-SeaRider bean bag to suit every boater's needs.

Made in the USA

E-SeaRider’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in its all-American manufacturing. Each marine bean bag is proudly produced in Tarpon Springs, Florida, supporting local craftsmanship and the American economy. In 2020, the company expanded its production capabilities with a new 12,000-square-foot facility, ensuring customers receive their custom orders swiftly and efficiently.

This dedication to efficient manufacturing extends to producing a variety of sizes, models, and colors, all maintained in stock for immediate dispatch to the market.

Benefits of Marine Bean Bags

  • Absorb impact from rough seas, providing a comfortable ride even in choppy waters
  • Offer a stable and secure seating option, reducing the risk of falls or injuries while boating
  • Versatile use for various boating activities, from sports fishing to casual cruising
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the boat, allowing for flexible seating arrangements
  • Provide a cozy spot to relax, nap, or read a book while out on the water
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting use, making them a worthwhile investment for boat owners