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Dog Bed Style Marine Bean Bag (Quick Ship)

Dog Bed Style Marine Bean Bag (Quick Ship)

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Introducing the E-SeaRider Marine Dogbed – a haven of comfort and luxury for your faithful companion on the high seas. Crafted with the same dedication to quality as our renowned marine beanbag chairs, this dog bed offers a low-to-the-deck style that complements your maritime lifestyle while ensuring your furry friend's utmost contentment. 

Designed with marine-grade materials, the E-SeaRider Marine Dogbed is built to withstand the rigors of saltwater, sun, and wind. Its low-profile design creates a seamless connection between your pet and the marine environment, allowing them to bask in the coastal splendor alongside you.

 Whether your canine companion is aboard your vessel or lounging by the shore, the E-SeaRider Marine Dogbed provides a cozy retreat that mirrors the tranquility of the open waters. Treat your loyal friend to the ultimate in marine luxury – where comfort meets durability, and every moment becomes a shared maritime adventure.

The E-SeaRider Dogbed is currently only available in the Quick Ship Collection. We are working to offer the dog bed in the Custom Shop in the near future. Please be sure to subscribe to our email list for notification when it has been added. 

The Quick Ship Collections are products in-stock and ready to ship same day. If you are looking for products that can be fully customized with colored center panels, side panels, and custom or OEM logos, please visit our Custom Shop Collection to design the product you've been dreaming of to complete the outfitting of your boat.

  • SALT WATERPROOF: Built to last in wet corrosive environments.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING: Rest assured, we got your neck and back covered.
  • MADE IN USA: 100%. Every product is manufactured in our facility.
  • THICKER. STRONGER. BETTER: Thickest Vinyl. Strongest Thread. Best Zipper.

The E-SeaRider Dog Bed Style Marine Bean Bag come in two sizes:

Small dog bed
Measurements: 30" x 36" x 8"*
Footprint: 27" x 38"
Weight: 6.6 lbs ships in 6 cu ft box
Qty 2 can fit 10 cu ft box

Large dog bed
Measurements: 30" x 54" x 8"*
Footprint: 27" x 50"
Weight: 9.3 lbs ships in 8 cu ft box

 *8" is panel height - final height is usually 5"

Dog featured in pictures:
Australian Shepherd - 29" Long - 31 Lbs

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