Built By A Fisherman, For Fishermen

As all fisherman know, just because waves are big doesn’t automatically mean that these are impossible conditions. Certain sea conditions with proper boat handling can be traveled safely in many cases. Most often trips on the water are cancelled due to uncomfortable sea conditions. This is where an E-SeaRider Marine Grade Bean Bag product can make your time spent on the water safer and more enjoyable. Our bean bags allow the boat to maintain a higher rate of speed virtually eliminating back and neck discomfort associated with the constant pounding that higher boat speeds deliver.

To avoid the uncomfortable slamming into waves most boats have to slow to less than 15knots resulting in excessive spray, a water soaked cockpit, extended travel time, and even bodily injury. In most moderate sea conditions an E-SeaRider Marine Grade Beanbag can allow your passengers to maintain a smoother more drier ride, eliminating fatigue and allowing your vessel to maintain a safer more consistent and economical speed.

The simple fact is that the vast majority of boats sold today are designed for creature comforts, not rough water performance. The number of boats around that have good rough water capabilities are few and far between. When sea conditions deteriorate you have two choices: your passengers can kick back and relax in their E-SeaRider Marine Bean Bag or they can endure the miserable ride home being thrown about the boat.

Stop the misery of relentless pounding and order an E-SeaRider Marine Bean Bag product today.