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E-Sea Refill Beads

E-Sea Refill Beads

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These are the same beads we use in all our E-SeaRider© marine grade beanbags. They are small round uniform virgin beads which make for a firmer more comfortable seat.

E-SeaRider products require a "fluff up" after extended or prolonged use, even though we add additional filler to help with the breaking in procedure your product will go through. This typically occurs after 1-2 years of recreational use. There is no need to remove any of the filler currently just "add more" to bring your product back to life. 

Our exclusive filler is intended to be used only in an E-SeaRider© product. Due to the proprietary nature of our E-Sea Beads we reserve the right to limit quantities.

2 Cu Ft will "fluff up" one beanbag after normal use

5 Cu Ft will "fluff up" two beanbags after normal use

10 Cu Ft will "fluff up" three-four beanbags after normal use or completely fill one empty cover. 


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