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LowRider Style Marine Bean Bag (Quick Ship)

LowRider Style Marine Bean Bag (Quick Ship)

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This sleek LowRider shaped marine grade bean bag is stylish yet comfortable as well . Very popular shape provides support to the back and legs with out sacrificing deck space.

LowRider Style Marine Bean Bag measures 31" wide x 25" high x  54" long. 

Introducing the E-SeaRider Lowrider Marine Beanbag Chair – a fusion of cutting-edge design and maritime luxury. Embrace a new dimension of relaxation with this innovative low-to-the-deck style beanbag chair, meticulously crafted to redefine your aquatic leisure.

 Designed for those who seek the ultimate in comfort, the E-SeaRider Lowrider boasts a zero-gravity support system that cradles your body in blissful weightlessness. Its unique low-profile design enhances your connection to the marine world, bringing you closer to the rhythmic ebb and flow of the waves. 

Crafted from premium marine-grade materials, this beanbag chair withstands the challenges of salt, sun, and sea, ensuring enduring performance. Whether you're unwinding on a yacht deck, savoring the coastal breeze, or stargazing at sea, the E-SeaRider Lowrider Marine Beanbag Chair offers an unparalleled experience of relaxation and support. 

Experience the allure of zero-gravity comfort and low-to-the-deck style with the E-SeaRider Lowrider Marine Beanbag Chair. Elevate your marine retreats to new heights of tranquility, as you recline in a cocoon of luxury designed to harmonize with the marine world. Redefine relaxation with E-SeaRider – where every moment is a testament to maritime opulence.


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