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Armchair Carbon Fiber Style Marine Bean Bag (Custom Shop)

Armchair Carbon Fiber Style Marine Bean Bag (Custom Shop)

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Marine grade vinyl with a simulated carbon fiber texture. We currently offer 5 different colors to choose from to customize your favorite style.

Introducing the E-SeaRider Armchair Marine Beanbag Chair – a true embodiment of maritime elegance and unmatched comfort. Indulge in the epitome of nautical luxury with the E-SeaRider Armchair Marine Beanbag Chair. Experience maritime leisure like never before, as its inviting design beckons you to unwind and savor the sea breeze. Its distinctive armchair shape provides superior support, enveloping you in a cocoon of relaxation whether you are aboard a yacht, basking in coastal serenity, or casting a line under the sun.

The Custom Shop Collections are products that can be fully customized with optional colored center panels, side panels, and custom or OEM logos. These products have to be manufactured at the time of order and can take approximately 14 business days to be delivered. If you are in a rush and looking for products that are in-stock at all times and can be shipped same day, please visit our Quick Ship Collection

  • SALT WATERPROOF: Built to last in wet corrosive environments.
  • SHOCK ABSORBING: Rest assured, we got your neck and back covered.
  • MADE IN USA: 100%. Every product is manufactured in our facility.
  • THICKER. STRONGER. BETTER: Thickest Material. Strongest Thread. Best Zipper.
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